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How to restart your Business after the crisis: It was December 2019 when the COVID-19 first appeared in the city Wuhan, China. COVID19 has shocked the world, the effects can now be felt around the globe, with many countries in lockdown. Living species find their way of survival and we all fighting for it. 

Restart your business After Covid-19 crises

The biggest challenge that business world is facing across the continents since WHO announced Global health emergency due to Covid-19 in February 2020 which had made more than 100 countries to follow national lockdowns and strict prohibitions on travelling and transportation.

Adaptation to Change

Marketing will have to do what they have always done best – adapt. To stay on top of the latest trends, watching the data for insight, and understanding new consumer behaviours will be key in driving successful marketing strategies moving forward.

The switch by consumers to order through a digital platform for delivery may be a permanent switch as they have now learned out of necessity a new mechanism for dining. Much like companies have all learned by using Zoom or other such applications that meetings don’t always have to involve travel or be face-to-face, this may be a permanent change. We also saw online classes held by the schools and colleges to keep the studies activity on between teachers and students.

From Traditional to Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are fast becoming the major marketing campaigns and sometimes we feel everything is running fast and we have to be alert and catch up with the speed. The market scenario has now completely changed, customers make their orders through simple online application and the seller is selling throughout the world sitting at a particular location. Seller doesn’t have to open many outlets to get in touch lakhs or crores of customers,

Why the change?

20 Years ago.. the scenario would have been completely different where the advertisements were done through newspaper, radio and televisions. We also started getting pamphlets along with newspapers and the awareness of new products started increasing between consumers and seller. However, today every individual is well equipped with electronic devices may it be Laptop, Tablet and mobile phone, it is a necessity in today’s world rather a luxurious item one posses. Speaking of the internet connection well it’s like the air we all are surrounded by it.

To make it more convenient Digital Marketing is a bridge between the consumers and sellers. You now can accept the change and restart your business after the crisis. We can order milk, vegetables easily and it gets delivered to our doorstep. During this pandemic situation, this system has helped many people.

How to Prepare for it?

The majority of small businesses around the world are having really hard times right now. Many of them had to shut down their physical stores for the whole period of quarantine. Many had to fire their employees, and, basically, start everything all over when the wold is back to normal.

However,  there’re still many small businesses that took care of digital transformation in advance or doing it right now. Retail stores, food industry, education industry, even the sports industry has its ways to sell services or goods online.

So, if you haven’t launched a website or an app for your business yet, there’s no better timing than now. No one knows how long will this COVID-19 situation last and how it’ll change the world. Some economic experts are already saying it is going to keep the online market fueled for a while, even when the social isolation is over.

How to be a Change?

If your business is affected due to the absence of physical transactions with your customers, you can start working on the digital presence of your business. Creating an e-commerce website is relatively more straightforward these days, creating your presence through social media can make and hold partnerships with multiple stakeholders to ensure seamless service to your customers.

It also helps in building a relationship between client /consumers in the longer run. Why wait to be a part of the Digital era. Digital media is a field worth looking into if you love pretty aspect of the business or marketing world and want to restart your business after the crisis. 

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Be A Change.

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